How to remove mud from the carpet

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How to remove mud from carpets Knight Carpet Cleaning Newport
How to remove mud from carpets Knight Carpet Cleaning Newport

How to remove mud from carpet, Knight Carpet Cleaning

It starts when guests enter your home, people are tracking dirt and mud into your home, but this should be expected. Kids and pets both attract dirt and mud. The real trouble happens when that muddy mess makes its way to your clean carpets.

There are ways to prevent this, such as having guests take their shoes off or placing more floor mats around the entry points of your home.

Like many other stains, tackling the stain the right way will help you avoid lasting damage. Follow this process to remove the stain:

– Let the mud dry.
– Slowly vacuum over the area to remove any loose dirt and debris. Vacuum in all different directions to make sure that you are picking up everything.
– Mix one teaspoon mild dish washing detergent to one cup of lukewarm water. Double this as needed based on the size of the stain.
– Use a white cloth to blot the solution into the carpet, switching out towels until the stain is gone.
– Use a fresh cloth or paper towels to blot the area dry.

Even if you are able to keep your carpets from stain catastrophes, all of your flooring will need regular cleaning to keep it looking fresh.

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