How to remove grease off carpets

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Pizza Knight Carpet Cleaning Newport
Pizza Knight Carpet Cleaning Newport

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When you’re walking barefoot on your carpet and you encounter any kind of stain, you’ll probably want to get rid of it as fast as possible, right? When that stain happens to be a grease stain, you’ll definitely need an effective do-it-yourself method to turn to at home.
Whether you encounter cooking grease or machinery grease that needs to be removed, this method is something you can do when removing grease stains from carpet.
– Blot up as much of the grease stain as possible; you’ll then want to apply a substance like cornmeal, since it acts as an absorbent.
– Take a brush with stiff bristles and brush the stain to break it up.
– If the grease is still visible, apply a dry-cleaning solvent using a clean sponge.
– Apply a dry spotter to the stained area. A dry spotter is made by combining 8 parts liquid dry-cleaning solvent and 1-part coconut oil.
– Using an absorbent pad, cover the stain with more dry spotter.
– As the pad continues to pick up the stain, you’ll see that this answers the question of how to remove grease stains from carpet.
If you’re still having trouble removing the stain, contact Knight Carpet Cleaning on 1300 052 397 or and book in a free quote today!

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