How to remove coffee stains from carpet

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How to remove coffee from carpet Knight Carpet Cleaning Newport
How to remove coffee from carpet Knight Carpet Cleaning Newport

How to remove coffee from carpet

We all know life can be hectic, between work, family and finding time for a little fun. A busy lifestyle can be hard on your carpets too. Rushing around leads to spills, accidents and other calamities. These little mishaps can quickly turn a busy day into a rotten day, especially when there is a big stain on your carpet acting as an ugly reminder.

Maybe you dropped a cup of coffee on the way out the door, do you know how to tackle this common carpet stain? Here is an easy tip that will help you tackle one of life’s common carpet stains, with time to spare.

When tackling these, or any common carpet stains, it is best to start with the mildest cleaning solution first to minimize any possible damage to your carpet fibers. Always test your method in a small and inconspicuous spot, like your closet, to ensure that it won’t further harm your carpet.

Immediately throw pieces of kitchen paper onto the soiled carpet and apply pressure by using your palm to absorb as much of the excess fluid as possible. Do not rub or scrub the stain or you will end up spreading the coffee stain. Repeat this step until no more excess coffee can be absorbed by the kitchen paper.

After excess fluid is removed, it’s time to blot the stain. First, spray or sprinkle some amount of cool water onto the coffee stained carpet area and start blotting using a clean damp cloth. Do not drench the carpet with water as the carpet should just remain damp during the cleaning process or you may end up damaging the carpet. Repeat the step till stain is lightened.

Next step is to clean stain using stain removal solution. You may remove fresh coffee stain by applying dish washing detergent, vinegar, soda water, whichever of these solutions that you can find in your kitchen pantry. Dilute 1 spoon of dish washing detergent with 1 cup of water, or ½ cup of vinegar with ½ cup of water, and spray the solution onto the coffee stained carpet. Start blotting using a clean damp cotton cloth. Repeat the step until all the stains are removed. Then rinse the cleaned carpet by blotting the area with a clean damp cloth to remove soap or vinegar solution in the carpet.

Finally place some kitchen paper on the wet carpet and apply pressure on it to absorb the excess fluid from the carpet. You may use a hair dryer to dry the carpet if there is one in your house.

If all else fails and your common carpet stains are just too much for even these tricks, turn to the professionals at Knight Carpet Cleaning. We can help make your carpets look great in no time!

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